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QuickLumpSum is a pioneer in the specialty finance industry and is the leading nationwide provider of cash for future Annuity payments.

At QuickLumpSum we customize a plan that fits your ever changing financial needs. We provide a solution to you that takes away the worry of having to wait years or longer to access cash from your Annuity payments. We provide you with the most cash GUARANTEED from your Annuity payments. We are so confident in our guarantee that we will pay you $1,000 cash if we do not provide you with the highest cash offer for your Annuity. Whether you’re interested in selling a small portion of your payments or whether you need to sell it all, we can help. We speak to many people everyday that have various reasons for selling their annuity. Whatever your reason is, we provide solutions.

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Pay Off Debt

Selling your Annuity Payments for cash now allows you to pay off high interest credit card debt or any other debt you may have.

Pay Off Student Loans

Finishing your education is a great achievement but at the end of your studies you need to work on repaying your student loans. Exchanging your Annuity Payments for cash now allows you to pay these off and focus on your new career.

Start A Business

Starting a business is considered the American dream. We have helped many people fund their business by providing them with a lump sum from their Annuity Payments. We occasionally hear from our previous customers and their success in owning their own business.

Purchase a New Home

Experts say that the present time is the best time to purchase a home. Whether you want to sell your Annuity Payments to put a down payment on a home or purchase a home outright, we can assist you with options.

Whatever your reason is for seeking cash from your Annuity, we can help. We have helped thousands reach their financial goals and continue to help people every single day. Call us today for a FREE NO-HASSLE QUOTE. Everyone agrees that a Quick Lump Sum is better than waiting!